Canada – A New Anti-Terrorism Bill Heralds A New Age of Fascism

Sunset near Tsawwassen - Photograph by david j. lisle - copyright 2010 David J. Lisle

An opinion piece by David Lisle - February 3, 2015

The new bill introduced to the Canadian Parliament is a poorly written and badly thought out piece of legislature. It has no sunset clause, therefore it is expected by the current government that we will always be subject to terrorist acts in the foreseeable future. Not really very much unlike the terrorist acts in living memory; about which the government used the available machinery of law to curb the activities of the terrorists and bring peace once again to our land.

The question we must ask is, why this sudden shift to fear mongering and harsh and restrictive changes to law?

Although the government spokespersons repeatedly assure us that our rights and freedoms will remain intact this is clearly not the case. A persons right to privacy has been removed. Even a suspicion that a person “may” be considering doing something that is determined by non-objective agencies to be a threat can be interred, their reputation ruined, possible job loss, and confiscation of personal property can occur for someone whose is estimated, by law enforcement, to be a potential force that “may” do harm. It is obvious that unless a person does harm no crime or offence has been committed. It is equally obvious that this ephemeral state of being would apply across the board to almost anyone with a grudge, or an axe to grind, it is also clear that such laws could be used to suppress political opposition!

To attack the laws themselves is not going to work. Instead we must stop looking at the red flag the government is currently waving and getting everyone to watch. We must turn our heads to see what it is the government doesn’t want us to see. It is almost always the case when governments produce such retrogressive laws that they are hiding the real agendas. The current governments unwillingness to reveal to the public information about past events, such as video tapes and transcripts, is a sure sign that they are hiding something from us.

The information they are hiding is key to uncovering the real agenda of the current government and exposing their duplicity, which actually should be clear for all to see.

It should not be surprising to see such a rise in fascist action since the United Kingdom and our neighbours to the South have already adopted such repressive laws. It makes me wonder what on earth all the dying our fellow citizens undertook during WWII defeating the fascist governments of Germany, Italy, and Japan. It might seem that it was all in vain.

As for terrorists, when we change our laws so dramatically to deal with single instances and individual cases such as has occurred here in Canada we are surely on the path to a total police state.