Artists Statement

Imaginary Vegetable - Dyed Fabric by David J. Lisle - copyright 210 David J. Lisle

Artists Statement - January 14, 2016

This is my artists statement that speaks directly to my art and the intent behind the making of it.

My work is not realistic, it is based on real world things and real world ideas and concepts, but I am more interested in the metaphysical aspects of those things than the objects as we might perceive them to be visually. I paint the metaphysical elements I perceive in things, whether those things be animal vegetable or mineral, or even an idea or concept. Even so a person may see and recognize real world things in my paintings, nevertheless my works are abstractions and so I conclude that I am an Abstract Painter.

In my world things are reflections of their real world solids, liquids, or gases. So some things are easy to come to grips with on the physical level. Then I have tried to finesse the metaphysical out of them and attempt to portray the metaphysical with paint and ideas. Spiritually, AKA the metaphysical, they have to be congruous for me to consider the painting whole. I conclude that I am a Metaphysical Portrait Painter, sounds impressive, but another person would say “I paint ghosts!”

Lately my topics have all been nature in the form of a pastoral image or a landscape and forests in particular. I decorate many of my paintings, decoration is a complement and a compliment. If I can I like to show the whole canvas and not have it framed so that the frame occludes the edges, sometimes I fuss with the edges, but not always, I don't always do anything in particular. I conclude that I am a Decorator using natural subjects of flora in particular.

I live in the middle of this most amazing forest that stretches over three states of the United States of America and two Provinces and a territory of Canada. Once it was all called the “Oregon Country,” now it is called the “Pacific North-West.” It is hard to ignore forests when even though you live in a city the city has an incredible portion that is forest, or other urban green-ways, and especially when the forests on the mountains tower above you making diminutive the tall high-rise vanities of humanity. I paint the tall buildings; I'm still working my way through that. I conclude that I am a Landscape Artist that perversely paints landscapes in a portrait format ever since my days at art school. The metaphysical search was always 'on.'

I also write, and I try to finesse the same values of my fiction characters as I would on my not so fictional trees and bushes, this is more difficult because I tend to first build my character and its habitual actions as a real world person. All the while I have some idea of their spiritual nature, easy if they have religious impulses as there are entire doctrines of habit and behaviour. Getting to what the character really feels is imperative. They cannot live, just like us, without a spirit. This part of my creativity is entirely abstract, it exists at first only in my mind, and only as thoughts that have yet to coalesce into 'a something.'

Now I suppose I should tell you why I do this. One reason is from being impelled as child to want to write, to paint, make models, build machines and have adventures. The moments I was involved in doing these things I was content, meditative and quiet. But naturally that is not enough, I am no longer that child, I am a much older child. My contentment, meditation, and quietude comes from how I am praising that which I see around me, glorifying it if you will, and trying to show in an abstract way how we are related without banging anyone on the head. I see the world around us as a living breathing entity and I try to capture it's metaphysical image, which is what I mean when I say spiritual image, as well as it's physical likeness.

I don't sell a lot of my work because I don't try to. I give it away to you, and you, and you! Particularly my writing. My close friends often collect my work, but not all like it so don't want it. I am going to change that, hence this exposition, one can't expect followers and clients without giving some reasons why you do what you do, and what it is you think you are doing.

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