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LinkedIn Restrictions


LinkedIn Restrictions are Bogus for Real Discussions - November 21, 2015

In this posting I would like to address the direction that LinkedIn is taking in regards to their efforts to change the face of their website. While it has been a great pleasure to participate in forums where discussion has been allowed to flow uninterrupted by LinkedIn fiddling. I find it almost impossible to have good dialogue anymore. The limitation imposed on the number of words by LinkedIn is an insult to intelligence and the dynamics of discussion. One cannot say what one has to say in so few words in many instances.

This kind of restriction reduces comment to that of Twitter, and that comment forum is full of utter banality, rarely are there gems of discussion that one can take to heart. LinkedIn is not Facebook, but it seems that LinkedIn owners wish to make it more like Facebook and Twitter and less like a place that professionals can converse. As a result several professional forums have closed and moved to Facebook.

LinkedIn has taken it upon themselves to deem what is acceptable comment and what is not acceptable comment. Does this mean that LinkedIn has professionals of every profession reviewing the input. No it does not, factually they use computer generated profiling that has the limitations of not being human and therefore unable to understand the intricacies of human language.

If the current trend continues I will be off somewhere else as I cannot stand this editing and cutting of commentary. Who asked LinkedIn to make decisions for us about what we can say, what we can see, and what we can do between each other. It is an extreme form of censorship in a venue where little censorship should occur other than the sensibilities of polite company. Even so one has the need to ocassionally resort to disgust or repulsion. In addition to the purely pleasurable repartee that takes place these discussions are often a place for the free exchange of valuable professional information.

Please like this a lot if you would like to see the changes rolled back.